Me Too Movement to Social Distancing/ Climate Deniers Unable to Deny; some of COVIDS Effects

Good evening to ALL of you!
In this  Universal time of celebration (the midst of Passover & the eve of Easter), I am feeling excited to connect! This is an incredible time of year… rebirth, renewal & abundance in nature; the time when the ground thaws, the buds heave and ho their way into blooms, the birds and bunnies nest preparing for the birth of new offspring – and we are stuck inside!   You can look out a window, take a walk or even garden and feel the transformation taking hold; however, the bigger picture for us is that we are forced into being insular, abiding social distancing, wearing masks and (may be) feeling cabin feverish.The transition that the Natural World undergoes from Winter to Spring is arduous and profound; its no wonder that this time of year Easter and Passover remind us of the pain and suffering of our ancestors that was then born into freedom and redemption. It, somehow, feels fitting that the suffering, sacrifice, and challenges we are facing with the COVID Crisis is happening now, in Spring, while we are immersed in the stories of Easter and Passover.

These holidays allow us time and perspective to reflect on the potential for change that COVID presents.  Before the this Pandemic, we were facing many global crisis’, two of which The COVID Pandemic addresses directly.   One being the Climate Crisis. the other being a crisis of inappropriate physical contact as we’ve seen with the Me Too movement and in many other arenas, including Yoga.

The COVID pandemic is showing irrefutable proof of our global carbon footprint and its impact on the earth; as we have slowed, due to sheltering in place, our air & waters are cleaner in simply a matter of weeks. And… before this virus monopolized the media, we heard of countless accounts of inappropriate, harmful, abusive ‘physical contact’ on a regular basis; many of the accounts had recently come to light but dated back for decades. Now, because of the aggressive, contagious nature of the COVID Virus,  we find ourselves in a place of government mandates of distancing and behaviors of self- preservation by having absolutely no physical contact with one another.  It feels like such a stark switch from where we were.

On the Eve of Easter and the 4th night of Passover, I recognize that in this crisis there is a great opportunity for transformation and change. I question if it will be possible for us to transform the suffering, the hardship and the challenges that many of us face at the moment into freedom, redemption, and rebirth. Will we surrender to the fire of Tapas to transform us, as individuals, as Global Citizens and as Stewards of the Earth? Will we be inspired to change some Universal Societal Paradigms to reduce suffering as we begin to reintegrate with one another?   I hold these questions tonight and hope to walk with them after the holiday.
Jake and I often say that Energy follows Consciousness, so if these questions live in my consciousness then they are sure to become moving living energy over time; perhaps for you too.

Blessings for a beautiful, joyous Easter and for the four remaining days of Passover.
Love Light Fortitude, sophie