Yoga Nidra, First Friday of the Month, 6:30 -7:45, Virtual Live



Seeking deep restoration and relaxation? Come wind down your month with a Yoga Nidra practice.

What is Yoga Nidra?
Yoga Nidra is a somatic meditation technique that offers profound restoration by harnessing the biological process of sleep. Combining the benefits of meditation, relaxation, and intention, this practice allows the body to deeply restore itself.

Using a series of breath, body and awareness techniques, Yoga Nidra consciously follows the brainwaves down towards deep sleep while maintaining inner awareness. In this state, we achieve deep relaxation and thoughts naturally distance themselves. When the body-mind learns to create this distance, we are training it to be disengaged from stress-producing thoughts and we release the healing potential of the body – as in sleep.

Yoga Nidra is for everyone, no experience necessary.
This is an I AM® Yoga Nidra practice. Yoga Nidra originated from the Upanishads and pre-Tantric teachings. This practice was passed down through leaders and was distilled into modern, relatable teachings by Yogi Amrit Desai and his daughter Kamini Desai. Amrit Desai, known also as Gurudev, is the founder of Amrit Yoga Institute & Kripalu Center.

Yoga Nidra offers deep restorative and integrative benefits
Cultivate healthy sleep to address insomnia, sleep debt and other related problems.
Relieve stress and anxiety by disengaging from stress-producing thoughts and release excess tension in the body.
Yoga Nidra PROFOUNDLY releases excess tension in the body, preventing stress-related dis-ease at balances the nervous system.
Reengage with the feeling body, integrate life experiences, and live with more peace and ease using intentions.

What to expect in a Yoga Nidra class

  • Supreme comfort! – YN is all about making sure you are supremely comfortable. Wear comfy clothes, bring an eye pillow/mask if you like.
    No Asana -Yoga Nidra is a somatic meditation, while there may be light movement at the beginning of the practice, there is no substantial asana in class. You will be lying down, or in another supportive, comfortable posture for the majority of class.
  • Props – The studio has ample amounts of props for those practicing in person. For those practicing at home or who want to bring their own props: Generally speaking you will want your yoga mat, 2-3 blankets and possibly a small pillow for under your head, a bolster under your knees and an eye mask.
  • We lock the door – In order to foster a quiet and conducive environment for practice, the classroom door will be locked by 7-10minutes past the hour. Please arrive a few minutes early and understand that if you are late, you will not be admitted to class.