Spring Mountain Retreat with Sophie, Thursday, April 13- Sunday April 16



Accessing  Vitality; an exploration of pranic study, asana, ‘noticing’, and nature
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Join Sophie for three days of re-emergence & re-awakening in mind, body, and spirit while surrounded by glorious mountain ridges, beautiful food, and cozy accommodations.   This long weekend of breath and body practices will focus on the symbiotic relationship between our body’s network of energy channels  (chakras and nadis) and the functions and mechanisms of our physical bodies (physiology).   We will explore, through active and passive yoga practices, pranayama, chanting, walking meditations, and communing with nature, our ability to harness, access, and manipulate our Vital Body for greater health and wellness. Our 3 days together will be infused with a daily deep dive into pranayama, active morning practices, and passive evening practice. Each practice will be informed by a short daily lecture and Jake Miller will lead us in an afternoon of chanting and story-telling from the Hindu Pantheon.

For information including specific itinerary, covid protocols, food concerns, etc  please email Sophie at bluebanyan1@gmail.com