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Celebration Flow with Gilda, Sunday 8 AM, Virtual Live


Gilda’s Celebration Flow is a 1 hour, all-level class that will utilize her extensive training in bodywork and movement to guide participants into alignment: finding ease and expansion while addressing restrictions in bodily tissue and energetic flow. Gilda will honor the ‘Day of the Sun’ by offering intentional cards from all scriptures for participants to choose from, These cards will include inspirations from Quran, Torah, Old, and New Testament, Tao, Gita, and Sutras. This practice will be optional and is intended to bring specific focus to the practitioner’s individual practice; In this way, participants have the opportunity to make Sunday more meaningful, reflective as well as individual


A graduate of Blue Banayn’s 200-hour teacher training program as well as a seasoned massage therapist; Gilda teaches from the philosophy of the Koshas, incorporating her exceptional understanding of the fascia system and anatomy. Gildas’s approach to her work is that understanding the science of the mind and body is the essence of living well.