Lift and Let Go with Urban Athlete at Blue Banyan
Date: Sunday, October 30th, 9:30am – 12:00pm
9:30 Lift @ UA
10:45 And @ UA
11:00 Let Go @ Blue Banya

*Registration for the session is limited

We’ve partnered with Urban Athlete, a boutique gym in Mt Airy, to offer a moring of Strength Training. Nutrition, Restorative Yoga .

Lift – Refine your deadlift, finding the variation that works best for you and Turkish get-ups. We will be focusing on skills to improve strength along the posterior chain (DL). Along with full body movement focus, highlighting core strength, shoulder stabilization, and hip strengthening (TGU). We will spend time after the skill work doing a strength-focused workout.

And – Once the lifting is over, we will offer a nutrition recovery drink that is vegan and lactose-free but delicious!! You can enjoy this as you walk or ride to Blue Banyan.

Let Go – Join Jake Miller and Sophie Simpson to revive and restore muscles and joints after heavy lifting. This will be an hour-long mobility and recovery session. Mobility work explores the full movement potential of all joints and targets minor, stabilizing muscles in those joints. Recovery work includes deep stretching and breathing to highly oxidate, release, and nourish the muscles of the body. The session will target low back, hip, and shoulder mobility and health as well as release and restoration of the three glute muscles, hamstrings, and paraspinal muscles, the primary muscle group that undergoes stress during the lifting session.