Covid 19 Announcement

Trying to keep up with ever-changing information

Blue Bayan Is Closing Until The End of March

Dear Blue Banyan Family,
I hope this finds you breathing deeply, taking care of yourself and, of course, washing your hands. After much thought and consideration, I have decided that the best practice, for the emotional, mental and physical health of our practitioners and our teachers is to take the route of caution and the advice of local health officials and close the studio as of tomorrow (3/16) until further notice, (hopefully not longer than March 30th).

We are actively working on ways to help keep you on your mat & in community.  I have attached an audio recording of the last class I taught at the studio, you will see a link at the end of this note. It is 75 minutes in length and is a slow, mindful sequence designed to quiet your mind, release tension in the hips and spine and invigorate your body; if you listen I would appreciate and welcome any feedback. I may continue with audio classes or perhaps we will venture into live streaming or offering daily videos’  we may even offer a few classes outdoors… as soon as these thoughts solidify I will send them on to you.

In the meantime, if you are able, continue to support your local businesses; as this is a challenging time for all of us personally, it’s also very challenging for small businesses. As this pertains to Blue Banyan,

  • Consider purchasing a class package that will be waiting for you when we reopen.
  • Consider purchasing gift certificate in any amount for a friend or family member
  • Consider renewing your unlimited memberships early (of course, the start date will be as flexible as you need)
  • Consider purchasing a class package to donate to the ‘Covid Fund’  helping those  financially impacted by the virus to return to the mat once we reopen

When we reopen. we recognize that we will ALL need to be together in practice, breath, and community. Here are a few steps we will take to serve the community to our utmost capacity.

  • Expiration dates for all unlimited memberships will be extended
  • No expiration dates will be in place for class packages
  • We will reinstate and transition our  ‘furlough fund’ balance to a ‘Covid Fund’  for anyone who has been financially impacted by the virus; simply ask to use the newly named ‘Covid Fund’ as payment;, or email me directly and I will happily register you.

Before I sign off a few thoughts…

  • These are the times where we are called to take our practice off the mat; find your breath, several times a day, especially as you feel emotionally and mentally challenged. Maintain your Drishti (single-pointed focus). Try to stay easeful in your physical body to allow your energy (Prana) to flow freely and powerfully throughout your whole Being.
  • Lean into your Guru (Gu-=Darkness // RU = Remover) – lean into the person, place, memory or thing that ‘Ru”s your ‘Gu’ or removes your darkness. Allow your Light to shine; remember that when our Light shines we serve both ourselves and others exponentially.
  • This Virus has shown us, in a very real way, that we are all in this together; we are only a few handshakes away from someone on the other side of the world.  We share the same biosphere, and because of that we can easily spread harm, but just as easily (and may be even more powerfully) we can spread Goodness, Peace, and Light. Sometimes there is nothing better or more healing than a warm smile, meaningful eye contact, a caring ‘Hello’.  These interactions of fellowship and togetherness are more important now than ever.  Let’s do our best to keep each other buoyed in heart and spirit.

I will be in continuous communication about how Blue Banyan will continue to serve you. Know that I and all the teachers are thinking of you and sending peace, light, and love to you all.

Audio recording of class, enjoy!

Blessings of good health, wellness, and vitality to you and your families,