Classes & Fees

All Classes Are Now Donation Based.

Live Streaming Classes

*For access to these streaming & pre-recorded classes, you will be sent the link via email.
*Can’t join live? No worries, you have 48 hours to access the class.


Banyan Flow, Teacher: Sophie, Sunday, 9:30AM. Pre-Register
Come together in Community each Sunday Morning with Sophie at the helm. In this 75 minute practice, we will explore breath practices, dabble in a bit of Eastern Philosophy and engage in a robust, kinetic Asana practice that integrates mind, body, spirit, and heart. Sophie will offer adaptations and modifications as well as suggestions for a more energized practice. As always Sophie will encourage and support you in your practice wherever you are.


Core Matters, Teacher: Sara Trohaugh (Live Stream), Monday’s 5:30 Pre-Register


Virgorish, Teacher: Jake (Live Stream), Wednesday, 5:30PM. Pre-Register
Join Jake for a fun yoga adventure! Combing chanting, dabble in meditation and an exploration of the play that is possible with Asana practice. This 75-minute dynamic class will encourage you to “do you”,  as Jake offers modifications as well as ways to play, push your edges and giggle! Jake draws on his deep passion for Sanskrit and authentic movement to thread Asana together in a creative, innovative, challenging & accessible way. Come play with us!!!


Gentle Class, Teacher: Sophie, Thursday, 11:00AM Pre-Register
This gentle classes will mindfully help you increase flexibility while strengthening stabilizing and core muscles. The overall effect of this practice is a little WD-40 on your joints; working out the ‘kinks’ in your body through breath and body awareness. This class has been lead by Sophie for 13 years and has served practitioners in all phases of life and ability. We hope you can join us.


Yin Class, Teacher: Jenny Burkholder, Thursday 7:00PM  Pre-Register


Rotating Teacher, Thursday 7:00PM  Pre-Register
75 minutes of learning and experiencing how our breath can help reduce anxiety, ease stress & improve our ability to rest.

Pre-Recorded Classes

Community Class, Teacher: Sarah Van Aken, Duration: 1 hour

Mindfulness and Positivity (video), Teacher: Sarah Van Aken, Duration: 12 minutes

Beginners Practice (video)Teacher: Angela, Duration: 20 minutes

Last Class At Studio (audio), Teacher: Sophie,  Duration: 75 minutes
Slow mindful sequence, designed to quiet your mind, release tension in your hips and your spine & invigorate your body.

Grounding Breath Practice (audio), Teacher: Sophie,  Duration: 4.5 minutes

Breath Practice (video, close captioned,), Teacher: Sophie, Duration: 4.5 minutes