Tips For Staying On Your Mat, Virtual Yantra, Local Wellness Kits & More!

Hello Blue Banyan Family!
A picture of our lovely Lara as she jumps into practice with an audio class our website. It’s hard to see but if you look closely you’ll catch a couple of paws and a tail flanking her mat.  Are you up against similar ‘untraditional’ practice environments? Many of us are and it can make cultivating a home practice even harder than it already is.  So here are some tips as well as a link to an interview about ‘social isolation’ from Bill Barr.
Tip # 1- Find a consistent space to practice – it does not have to be anything other than a bit of floor that will accommodate the length ad width of your mat, but go to that same spot every time you practice.
Tip #2- Create ritual around your practice. This could simply be lighting a stick of incense and/ or a candle, placing a picture of someone or thing that you are devoted to, bringing some flowers over. If you are using a screen or an audio device make the setup part of your ritual.
Tip #3– Find a yoga buddy. Ask someone to practice with you always or on occasion.  This is such a sweet way to stay connected to friends, to create a new connection with someone, or rekindle a connection with someone from your past
Tip #4– Be intentional.  Make a practice schedule at the beginning of the week and commit to it. Things are sure to come up – cats, dogs, kids.. any number of things might come up but see what you can do to get to the mat and do what you can during your intended practice times.
Tip #5 – Be consistent.  Try to find a schedule that remains the same (as possible). Set up in the same place, go through the same ritual to begin and end your practice.
Tip #6– Notice (even write down) how you feel after your practice. The “Yoga Magic” is sure to keep you inspired to come back to your mat soon.

One additional  wellness tip:

Jacqui Rosenberger, local massage therapist extraordinaire (!) who I partner with frequently.  Is making weekly wellness Kits‘. My back decided to throw a tantrum this week; no surprise there.. just manifesting some anxiety I’m sure.  Anyway, I got on the horn to Jacquie and ordered this weeks kit which included a locally made Back Knobber (self-massage tool) as well as wellness tea and other goodies. Jacquie also makes an anti-inflammatory salve which is incredible. This combination of self-care tools was my savior.  If your body is exhibiting the stress of these unprecedented days you may want to consider a Wellness Kit.

Virtual Yantra, Chanting & Goddesses This Saturday Night $30
My dear friend and mentor Sarah Tomlinson is hosting an incredible, nourishing virtual event this Saturday evening, I will be joining and wanted to share this with you, it is sure to be amazing. Be ready to color, chant, be centered and inspired. Durga is the Goddess we celebrate during this current festival of Navaratri. She is very present for us now.
Please join us, it will be heaven to spend this time together. I’ll send you an outline of the Yantra (see colored image below) and a Yantra Mandala to color during the class. Have some coloring pens or pencils to the ready. At the end you’ll feel like you have your game on!
This work is from the inside out, it is Spiritual Practice. It is so much more fun to come together to boost all of your personal practices. Register here 

Lastly, I want to share an NPR article Tips from someone with 50 years experience with Social Distancing. A friend sent it to me and I  found it uplifting and worthy of sharing.

Blessings of good health, peace, light, and fortitude,