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The Sunday Sangha Circular

A Call to Action

It is clear to me that the knee that killed George Floyd may as well have been a noose, the same is true of the bullets that killed Ahmaud Arbery, and the list goes on… We can no longer stand for the centries old systemic oppression, brutality, and murder of people of color in this country; the way I see it, the onus for true and deep change is not on the communities of color who are incessantly targeted but rather on people and communities of privilege, like myself. I want to add that our actions need to be so strong that they not only incite change but in their strength and resolve they act as a salve to care for those communities of color who are grieving.
To write about the pain, outrage, and disgust I feel feels indulgent & privileged in itself. so I won’t. Instead, I want to write about a call to action, particularly from our communities of privilege, inspired by the Yoga Sutras,

In the Yoga Sutras (a book of aphorisms to live by in order to reach a greater understanding of oneself and others) There are two precepts that I have been leaning into to try to find some direction for action
Ahimsa – ‘Do no harm’ – this is often interpreted as a passive act but it is not. Ahimsa also translates as the care of others and protection for others, in a nonharmful way. Nonharmful does not mean passive; but rather ‘ do no harm through action’ if that is what is necessary.
Satya -‘Truthfulness’ This again, can be translated as only speaking the truth when its easy, kind, and acceptable; but again, that is not the complete translation; rather it means also speaking the truth when it is difficult, challenging and even controversial.
These precepts are what have guided me in trying to find a way to act out in support of our sisters and brothers of color, and speak out against the ongoing atrocities they have endured for too long.

With inspiration from Colln Kaepernick’s courage, and the humanity displayed in the 7 PM ritual honoring healthcare workers during Covid-19. I am going to begin kneeling every day at 2:00 pm for at least 2 minutes in support of tearing down of institutionalized racisms. I welcome you to join me and to share this action with two other people each day. So 2 minutes at 2:00 with 2 others in solidarity, outrage, and action.

The reason for 2:00 PM is inspired by the Golden Ration. 1.61 which my husband and I morphed into 1 PM plus 60 minutes getting us to 2 PM. It is a mathematical equation found throughout nature which basically states the infinite doubling of a number; it’s also known as the Devine ratio. Our hope is that everyone who takes a knee with us at 2 PM tells at least 2 people and they tell 2 people and on it goes…


Love Light Fortitude, Sophie