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Amy?s yogic journey began in 2005 as a gift from her husband for Mother?s Day. At first it was the physical aspect of the practice that engaged her the most, but over time with a consistent and dedicated practice, she came to realize that yoga was much more than a physical practice but also a way of living her life and helping her manage the everyday stresses of working and motherhood. In 2009 Amy was forced to leave her job as a chemist from a big Pharma due to major layoffs and decided to embark on a new journey. Her passion for her yoga practice led her to enroll in Blue Banyan?s 1st Yoga Teacher Training program led by Sophie Simpson and Jake Miller, and in December 2009 she completed her 200-hour certification. She has been teaching actively since 2010 and currently spends most of her teaching time at Penn State Abington teaching yoga through the Kinesiology department. Amy loves to be a student of yoga and continues to grow and explore in her own journey. She recently participated in Corina Benner?s Yin Yoga teacher training as a way to bring balance to her Yang practice on and off the mat. Amy is honored to come back to her roots and share her practice at Blue Banyan. Her classes focuses on both breath and body connection with special attention to alignment. She strives to guide her students to have their own experiences with yoga. Amy lives in Elkins Park with her husband and two children, and she finds herself practicing yoga on and off the mat everyday.