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Jen has trained in the Vinyasa tradition at Philadelphia studios Blue Banyan and Wake Up Yoga. Her long-time love of yoga began as a college phys ed requirement, and the afterglow of these classes inspired deeper exploration. The release of tension and spaciousness in her body led to a calm energy that persisted throughout the day and enhanced interactions with others. Who knew a class that seemed like exercise could do such a thing?! As she moved through the constantly changing landscape of early adulthood, becoming a science teacher and then a parent, yoga was a necessary component of physical and mental health. She began to explore not just the capacity for strength and flexibility, but the capacity for nervous system regulation and mindfulness. Sparks of self-awareness led to self-compassion and the growing confidence to share her knowledge with others. She loves experimenting with sequences that open the body in a specific way or that leave an energetic imprint. Breath technique is emphasized, working towards balance in the nervous system and focus in the mind. She loves to share in the energy of a learning community and hopes to see you on the mat soon!