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Growing up an athlete, Patty was initially drawn to the physical aspect of yoga. As she continued to explore her practice, she began to realize how focusing on breath can lead to quieting the mind, assist with physical challenges and help release tension. With a B.S. in Kinesiology and Certification in Holistic Health Counseling, becoming a yoga teacher was the perfect next step, complimenting her commitment to overall wellness. In addition to RYT-250 certification, Patty completed a 50-hour Advanced Teacher Training with Alex Auder. Patty works for Big Brothers Big Sisters and blended her two passions, yoga and empowering youth, when she became certified to teach children?s yoga through Child Light in 2013. Patty's practice has evolved from being purely physical and conquering poses to finding space to soften and allowing her practice to be different each time she steps on her mat. In her classes, she offers gentle assists which allows for deeper exploration of asanas in a safe way. Patty enjoys sharing her love of yoga with students and encouraging them to explore their practice in a way that is unique to them.