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Working in a hospital, Nicole saw the results of long term effects of being overweight and how being inactive affected people. She knew she had to make some changes to her life so that she did not succumb to the same conditions. After an unsuccessful weight loss surgery, Nicole tried all sorts of diets and exercise programs, but ultimately they became a chore. The only thing that she enjoyed was doing her yoga DVD. She soon went to to a local hot yoga studio, thinking this would be a great way to lose weight. Her first class there changed her life! She changed her way of thinking (from negative to positive), the way she ate, and the way she felt about her body. Yoga taught her contentment with her life that she never knew before. Because of the mind/body connection yoga gave her, it became a necessity rather than a chore unlike other fitness programs. Nicole wanted to learn more about yoga and be able to incorporate it in her everyday life. She enrolled in Dana Hot Yoga 200 hr. teacher training and completed her training in 2015. Now, Nicole can share the wonderful experience that yoga has given to her with others.