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Amanda started practicing yoga over 15 years ago as a high school student in WVa. In the beginning she was amazed at how the practice calmed her mind and helped her to feel comfortable within herself. Over the years her practice has evolved and continues to change as she learns more about herself and the deep rooted history of yoga. In 2016, feeling called to share yoga with others, she completed her 200-hour teacher training at Blue Banyan in Mt Airy under Sophie and Jake. Her mission is to show students love through the practice of yoga. She believes that yoga, like the light within all of us, is an ever present constant that once tapped into can be a life changing experience. Her hope is through her classes and the vehicle of yoga she can guide students to happier, healthier lives. She is so grateful for the opportunity to share yoga with the community. In addition to yoga Amanda is passionate about her family, natural health and wellness, seeing live music and stand up paddle boarding.