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Nora was introduced to yoga and Reiki twenty years ago and attributes both to the beginning of a long journey. Nora's continued journey for optimal health puts her in contact with various mentors, different healing modalities, and rich life experiences; and she enjoys weaving these collective experiences back into her teaching. Her vinyasa flow is rooted in traditional asanas and focuses on how the yoga practice can revitalize, sustain, and heal the physical body and human spirit. Nora also approaches her teaching with clear intentions, compassion, and a touch of humor. In a fast paced, quick fix culture, Nora creates a space where individuals can unplug and drop anchor on the mat. Nora Mullen received a 250 hour Yoga Teacher certification and a 30 hour Yin Yoga Teacher certification at Wake Up Yoga in Philadelphia. She also received a 50 hour advanced Yoga Teacher Training from Magu Yoga in Mt. Airy. She has lived in the Philly suburbs for the past nine years with her husband and two girls. Nora strongly believes in nourishing the body with whole foods and home cooking; feeding the soul with music and time to play in nature; moving the body in any way possible; and maintaining connections with family, friends, and the larger community.