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Tom received his 200-hour teacher training with Sophie and Jake at Blue Banyan, and has since completed two 75-hour modules at the Kripalu School of Yoga (Leading Vinyasa, and Teaching Pranayama and Advanced Asana) towards their 300-hour advanced teacher certification. Leading classes at Blue Banyan motivates him to keep diving deeper into his own practice and sharing what he learns: he believes that any and all of us can enjoy the many benefits of yoga practice at any and all times in our lives. His teaching combines the vinyasa emphasis on motion and flow, the Iyengar attention to alignment and precision, and the Kripalu orientation towards inner awareness and presence, in order to offer physical experiences with the potential to generate positive mental, emotional and spiritual states. He invites you to join him for friendly teaching, thoughtful sequencing, and custom playlists synced to the progression of each class.