a vinyasa yoga studio
and school in the heart
of Mt Airy Philadelphia

est. 2006        
Restorative Workshop
Come out of the heat and into stillness No matter how much we take care of ourselves, we live in a stressful,fast-paced world and it?s easy to become overstimulated. Restorative yoga is a great practice to incorporate into your regular yoga routine as a way to connect deeply with yourself and your deepest wellspring of vitality. In this extended class, we practice a series of supported poses that bring the body, mind and breath into balance. Pre-Registration requested $25 Mt Airy Studio - 7153 Sprague St
Labor Day Mala
Join us for a special 2hour Mala practice...A Mala means 108. 108 is considered a sacred and auspicious number in many traditions - used in prayer, in mantra, and in practicing Namaskars! That's right - 108 Sun Salutations!!!
Chances are you're thinking yeah, right... but you'd be surprised how practicing this embodied prayer 108 times can be both challenging and completely inspiring at the same time. $20
Prenatal Cancelled For the Summer
Please Note Prenatal Yoga has been cancelled as of 7/28.
Teacher Training
Blue Banyan offers both 200 hr and 300 hr Yoga Alliance accredited Teacher Training programs. See our Training page for details
On The Mat Summer Challenge
From June 6- August 7th (60 days).For every class over 30 that you participate in you will receive 1% off your next class card (with a max of 10% off). The person who attends the most classes will "win" a BB Gift Certificate. Sign up at the studio
Unlimited Summer Pass
$375 from Memorial Day to Labor Day... get in all the yoga you can for only $25 a week!!!
A Studio & School
Blue Banyan is a studio offering daily Vinyasa Yoga classes & a Yoga Alliance Certified School offering Teacher Trainings as well as an Immersion Certificate Program.
2 Locations :: Yoga Studio & Yoga School
YOGA STUDIO Mt Airy: 7153 Sprague St /// YOGA SCHOOL Germantown: 143 West walnut Lane