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Unwind from the Grind: a Yin & Reiki Workshop
Tight? Cranky? Sluggish? Stressed? Join Meghan for a good stretch and an energy tune up. Look forward to ending each month with a mix of Indian, Chinese, and Japanese medicine. Experience receiving light Reiki while sinking into yin yoga poses. Yin yoga, on a physical level, targets the rarely exercised connective tissues (ligaments, fascia, tendons) through a series of sustained seated and supine postures designed to deeply stretch this delicate web, especially in the spine, hips and shoulders, releasing deep layers of tension and tightness. On a subtle level, yin yoga aids in freeing vital energy held hostage by stress. Meridian Theory suggests that meridians, or nadis, the energy pathways through which this vital energy, known as chi, or prana flows are contained with these connective tissues. Reiki, a healing modality from Japan in which hands are lightly laid on particular parts of the body, works to guide the freed energy to places in the body that need healing. Reiki, like yoga, has also been proven to be affective on all levels of being, physical, emotional, mental, etc and is being used in hospitals more and more.
Heart Above Head
How can we find the support to take risks? Katy Hawkins and Natalie Levin are joining forces for this special invitation to explore the risks of openness and placing the heart above the head. The two-hour workshop will consist of physical asana, a two-part meditation practice, and hands-on touch. We?ll wake up the trust muscles by using the support of props to help assist with the physical and emotional demands of inversions. We will use this foundation of courage to engage the interpersonal dimension in two related Tibetan meditation practices: Tonglen, or sending and receiving care, and Metta, or loving kindness meditation. We will close with a very simple, non-invasive sequence borrowed from Thai massage, performed not in partner pairs but in two moving concentric circles. In this workshop you can expect opera, glitter, and the magic of meshing worlds!
Sunday 4/5 : only one class, 4:30pm w/ Lana (regular price) and Monday 4/6 : 7:45 with Sophie is canceled - all else as scheduled.
We are in Germantown now too!!!
We are proud to announce the opening of a second Blue Banyan space - dedicated to our Yoga School and the deeper study of the practices of Yoga. Located on Walnut Lane in Germantown. Look for opportunities to visit and study with us in our sweet new home!
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Blue Banyan is a studio and school steeped in the teachings and practice of Vinyasa Yoga.