a vinyasa yoga studio
and school in the heart
of Mt Airy Philadelphia

est. 2006        
Unwind from the Grind: a Yin & Reiki Workshop
Tight? Cranky? Sluggish? Stressed? Join Meghan for a good stretch and an energy tune up. Look forward to ending each month with a mix of Indian, Chinese, and Japanese medicine. Experience receiving light Reiki while sinking into yin yoga poses. Yin yoga, on a physical level, targets the rarely exercised connective tissues (ligaments, fascia, tendons) through a series of sustained seated and supine postures designed to deeply stretch this delicate web, especially in the spine, hips and shoulders, releasing deep layers of tension and tightness. On a subtle level, yin yoga aids in freeing vital energy held hostage by stress. Meridian Theory suggests that meridians, or nadis, the energy pathways through which this vital energy, known as chi, or prana flows are contained with these connective tissues. Reiki, a healing modality from Japan in which hands are lightly laid on particular parts of the body, works to guide the freed energy to places in the body that need healing. Reiki, like yoga, has also been proven to be affective on all levels of being, physical, emotional, mental, etc and is being used in hospitals more and more.
21 Day Detox
In partnership with Urban Athlete, Blue Banyan is sponsoring a 21 Day Detox. The detox starts on February 2nd - but all are encouraged to attend a kickoff meeting on January 25th.
Baby & Me
For caretakers and their babies (approx. 6 weeks old ? pre-crawlers). Enjoy a gentle yoga class designed to relax the body, clear the mind, and bring you and baby closer through yoga, baby massage and breathing techniques (pranayama). An opportunity to spend time with your baby & meet local moms and connect as a community through yoga and meditation practices. New moms must be cleared for exercise by your Doctor before attending this class. Please bring a blanket & toys for your baby. Thursdays, Feb 5 to March 12, 4:15-5:15pm
Please note our modified schedule: Monday, 1/26 - one class only at 5:45pm Tuesday, 1/27 - closed Wednesday, 1/28 - morning classes canceled We hope to reopen for the 6:30pm class - but check back for the most up-to-date info.
a school & studio
Blue Banyan is a studio and school steeped in the teachings and practice of Vinyasa Yoga.