Restorative with Carly
Sun, March 24 2019, 6:30pm with Carly McDade
As we leave Winter and creep in towards Spring offer yourself the gift of rest and rejuvenation. Restorative yoga is a wonderful chance to slow down and feel completely supported ? this happens physically due to several props (blankets, bolster, blocks), as well as emotionally due to soft music, recited poetry, and periods of silence. Carly will guide your nervous system from a state of flux to an embodiment of relaxation. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday evening together. Come BE as you are, rather than DO. No prior yoga required. It is suggested you wear warm layers of clothing. pre-Registration requested $25 Mt Airy Studio - 7153 Sprague St
Prenatal Yoga Series
Tue, April 9 2019, 9:15am with Sarah Charlesworth
This 4 week prenatal series prenatal yoga class series is designed to strengthen and center the mind, body and spirit in preparation for labor and delivery. Classes incorporate yoga postures to address and relieve the common discomforts of pregnancy, relaxation techniques and breathing exercises to ease physical and emotional tension and abdominal and pelvic floor toning to promote optimal postnatal recovery. Prenatal yoga also facilitates connection with your innate wisdom, your changing body, your growing baby/babies and other expectant mothers! This series is appropriate for any stage of pregnancy. No previous yoga experience is required. Meets for 4 consecutive Tuesdays beginning April 9th at 9:15am $60 7153 Sprague St
Sat, April 27 2019, 2 with Casey Chibirka
Kundalini Workshop, Occurs last Saturday of every month 2-4pm $25 7153 Sprague St Are you ready to discover your life?s purpose and activate your fullest potential? Kundalini Yoga is an ancient practice that helps you channel powerful energy and transform your life. We will move beyond our perceived limitations. This workshop incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation and the chanting of mantras. The goal of this workshop is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness. Kundalini Yoga 101, happens 30 mins before workshop. New to Kundalini? Please arrive 30 minutes early to join a introduction discussion on Kundalini. The 101, everything you need to know before your first Kundalini class. If you are not a beginner you are still welcome to join. When arriving to the Kundalini Workshop please be respectful of Kundalini 101 as they will still be in session. You are welcome to quietly settle in.
What to Eat? An Integrative approach
Fri, June 7 2019, 6pm with Dr Vishnu
There are so many diets out there talking about what to eat and not eat. Over stimulation can lead to feeling overwhelmed and confused about what to put in your body. Āyurveda is the known as the science of longevity and is the oldest complete system of holistic healthcare. The primary foundation of Āyurveda involves a vastly comprehensive system of diet and nutrition. In this class, we will have a light and general understanding, to slowly digest the information, about how to eat for your body/mind, and with the season, each season. Fridy June 7th at 6pm $30 7153 Sprague St