Restorative Workshop with Sofi
Sat, April 29 2017, 2pm with Sofi Malani
This will be an afternoon of replenishing the wellspring of energy that is often blocked by stress and imbalance. This nurturing workshop will use long-held restorative poses, breath-work and mindful meditation as an antidote to tension and stress. This class will honor and teach the art of being rather than doing and will guide you peacefully down the path towards relaxation and balance
Soul Yoga
Sat, May 6 2017, 4pm with Sara Lomax Reese
Soul Yoga, led by avid yoga practitioner and teacher, Sara Lomax-Reese, is a monthly, all-level yoga class designed to celebrate our community's diversity by explicitly inviting people of color to this life-sustaining practice of yoga. Sara is also co-founder of the Philadelphia People of Color Meditation Group that meets monthly at Springboard Studio. Soul Yoga will be offered the first Saturday of every month from 4:00-5:15pm at Blue Banyan in Mt Airy. The cost is $10. All are welcome.
Manifest Workshop May 13th
Sat, May 13 2017, 1:00 with Sarah Van Aken
Looking to make changes or start something new in your life? Struggling with feeling blocked or what direction to take? Manifestation Workshop Use the practices of yoga, guided meditation and mantra to create transformation in your life with this healing and playful workshop. Shift the energy in your body by tapping into your intuition, creating space for and welcoming in the change you seek. Learn tools to take with you to continue this work in your everyday life. This workshop is suitable for anyone seeking to realize their own true potential. The yoga practice will be accessible to all levels.
Sciatica Workshop May 28th
Sun, May 28 2017, 2pm with Sofi Malani
We will practice fl oor and standing poses to help prevent and ease lower back pain & Sciatica pain NO PREVIOUS YOGA EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY Wear loose clothing and if you have props (matt, block, belt) bring them. If not there will be everything you need