What you aren't learning in health class about your period: A workshop for menstruating teens
Sun, December 8 2019, 1pm
We will talk about: Cycle tracking and harnessing the power of menstruation Diet and lifestyle habits that support a healthy flow Menstrual products - traditional and alternative Menstrual equity And how to stop treating our periods and bodies like a burden! Payment at
New Years Eve Mala
Tue, December 31 2019, 8am with Jake Miller
Bring in 2020 with Jake and a practice of 108 Sun Salutations. It's a time-honored tradition practiced all over the world. It is an embodied prayer of wholeness.
Restorative Yoga Workshop
Sun, January 5 2020, 6pm with Carly McDade
Nurture Your Nervous System Sunday, January 5th, 6 pm - 8 pm $30 Are you in need of a reset? Invite your body & mind to wind down as Carly gently leads you through slow, supportive shapes during this balanced two-hour class. Periods of poetry, silence, and music will be offered for you to drop into a harmonized state of relaxation.
6 Week Beginners Series
Sun, January 12 2020, 6pm with Amy Quigley
Taking your first yoga class can be a life-changing can also be a really intimidating one! This 6-week series is designed to teach to the needs of the brand-new-beginner! This series teaches the basic, foundational postures in a safe, supportive, and accessible way...all aimed at helping you seamlessly transition into an 'All Levels' Class by the end! Sunday January 12- February 16th $85