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200Hr Teacher Training Application class 2017
Sat, July 30 2016, 8am with Jake Miller
200Hr Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training class of 2017. Application Deadline November 15th 2016. See our 'Training' page for details
Yoga for Young Ones
Tue, August 9 2016, 4:30 with Beth Heed
In Our Germantown Space 143 West Walnut Lane. 3 Tuesdays in Aug 4:30- 5:30; Tues Aug 9 - Tues Aug 23rd. Bring your little one to the mat!! This class is designed for ages 18 months - 3 years.This class will offer younger toddlers a chance to play and socialize in a supported, yoga based environment.. We will explore movement, sound and breath as the little ones create shapes with their bodies, respond to songs or stories, and engage in interactive play. Feel free to stay with your child or drop off if you prefer.
Labor Day Mala
Mon, September 5 2016, 8am with Jake Miller
Join us for a special 2hour Mala practice...A Mala means 108. 108 is considered a sacred and auspicious number in many traditions - used in prayer, in mantra, and in practicing Namaskars! That's right - 108 Sun Salutations!!!
Chances are you're thinking yeah, right... but you'd be surprised how practicing this embodied prayer 108 times can be both challenging and completely inspiring at the same time. $20
21 Day Detox
Mon, October 24 2016, 6am with Sophie Simpson
Join Sophie & Jake in partnership with Urban Athlete in this 21 day detox. An elimination diet is to rid the body of toxins that have built up over time by eating foods that are inflammatory to the system. Some folks are more sensitive to certain food groups than others. During the 21DD we will completely remove Grains, Sugar, Soy, Dairy, Alcohol, Caffeine & Legumes from our diet We will have a kick off seminar for the 21DD on friday Oct 21st at 6pm at our Germantown location. If you plan on doing the 21DD or are even thinking about it we encourage you to attend. We will cover in more detail the benefits of the 21DD as well as answer any and all questions. The seminar will not only give you the foundation for the next 21 days but will give you the opportunity to find another person to buddy up with during the 21DD. Support is an extremely crucial component. Please RSVP if attending info session