Restore with Sofi
Sat, May 27 2017, 2pm with Sofi Malani
This will be an afternoon of replenishing our wellspring of energy that is often blocked by stress and imbalance. This nurturing workshop will use long-held restorative poses, breath-work and mindful meditation as an antidote to tension and stress. This class will honor and teach the art of being rather than doing and will guide you peacefully down the path towards relaxation and balance $25 :: Pre-Registration Required
Memorial Day Monday 5/29
Mon, May 29 2017, 5:45 with Cicelee Chappelle
Both evening classes cancelled. All others as scheduled.
Sciatica Workshop Tues June 6th
Tue, June 6 2017, 6pm with Sofi Malani
We will practice fl oor and standing poses to help prevent and ease lower back pain & Sciatica pain NO PREVIOUS YOGA EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY Wear loose clothing and if you have props (matt, block, belt) bring them. If not there will be everything you need
Essential Oils & Yoga
Tue, June 20 2017, 6pm with Amanda Alligood
Join Amanda Alligood for an essential oil infused vinyasa flow followed by an intro to essential oils. We will flow through a series of shapes using complimentary oils that promote the release of negative emotions and that which holds us back. Come prepared to let go. June 3rd 1-3pm $25.00* *Includes an EO yoga mat spray to take home