Beyond Fear
Fri, March 31 2017, 7:30pm
We are at a critical moment on our planet, one that may seem more terrifying with every passing day and with each new status update. What most of us don\'t realize is that we have a conscious choice to either be part of the problem by engaging in the fear or to shift our perspective and embrace what\'s happening. We can actually use it as an opportunity to bring about massive positive change. This isn\'t about tuning out, but about tuning into a tapestry of higher perception that will open us to a new way of seeing and engaging with the world. In this experiential class, we\'ll work with the ancient mystical traditions of the Andes to foster healing and cultivate wisdom. We\'ll explore practices that will help us walk the path of balance and beauty, remembering our true essence and the essence of those around us. You\'ll learn: To see beyond what is presented on the surface. How to become whole by integrating three powers - action, love and intellect, part of the Andean prophecy for the evolution of humanity. To reconnect with the energetic matrix of the cosmos by establishing relationship with the spirits of mother earth, the mountains and the stars. Any element in nature can assist you in meditation. Friday night, we?ll create a ritual offering to honor Mother Earth, the mountains and stars. Saturday, we?ll explore practices that will help us walk the path of balance and beauty. Liz Seidel is a Shamanic Guide, Evidential Medium and Spiritual Teacher. She?s had a life-long relationship with Spirit. Shamanic healing changed her life from experiencing a debilitating disability, barely able to walk, to climbing Mt. Ausangate in Peru, one of the tallest mountains in the world. Liz has been initiated into several shamanic lineages and has spent more than a decade working with the medicine peoples of the Q\'ero of the high Andes of Peru, the Kallahuayas of the Lake Titicaca region of Peru, the Mapuche Shamans of Chile, and the Kahunas of Hawaii. She guides others on their journey of personal healing, growth, and empowerment. To sign up visit
Soul yoga 4/1 cancelled
Sat, April 1 2017, 4:00 with Sara Lomax Reese
April Soul Yoga with Sara Lomax- Reese is cancelled. Please join us again the first saturday in May
Manifest Workshop May 13th
Sat, May 13 2017, 1:00 with Sarah Van Aken
Looking to make changes or start something new in your life? Struggling with feeling blocked or what direction to take? Manifestation Workshop Use the practices of yoga, guided meditation and mantra to create transformation in your life with this healing and playful workshop. Shift the energy in your body by tapping into your intuition, creating space for and welcoming in the change you seek. Learn tools to take with you to continue this work in your everyday life. This workshop is suitable for anyone seeking to realize their own true potential. The yoga practice will be accessible to all levels.