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Next time your are mat to mat - hang in and see what might happen...

I woke up this morning unsure of what this weeks newsletter would be about.  I was planning on offering a welcome to the Teacher Training class of '19 - but in true fashion I got so caught up in teaching last week that I neglected to take a picture of the group... so stay tuned for that Sangha in a few weeks.

Instead the inspiration for this post trickled in between 9am & 11am this morning, during and after teaching...

Every Sunday I lead a Vinyasa class at 9:15 and many weeks it packs out, Sunday am is a lovely time to practice!

Today we all woke with the rain & I was in a quiet , sort of contemplative mode - reflecting on the new season and the festival in celebration of Ganesh that is happening for the next 3 days in India -It was with this 'going with the flow', sleepy mindset that I showed up to teach.  As I was signing folks in I realized that students just keep coming, & coming & coming... and slowly the sleepy, rainy room was filled with bodies and chatter. A frantic energy built as we moved around in several different configurations to get everyones mat down in a comfortable, welcoming way.  

When we finally arrived on our mats I could feel in the room that the  'mat to mat' business was not for everyone.  I addressed with cautious optimism, stating that as we get into practice the discomfort will drop away - much like it does in a crowded restaurant  over a great meal with good company.

And sure enough, as we became aware of shared space & breath; as our breath cycles came together and our intensions of being on the mat melded with one another we were no longer in the discomfort of a crowd, but rather in the Heart Space of Community.  

As I lead the class I could feel, over time, that a softening, a vulnerability , a feeling of 'Being a Part Of'  came over the room & extended class wide.. it was lovely!  

So of course I took this opportunity and ran with it... I presented an option and the class warmly embraced it - We ended up practicing 2 Circles of Trees (tree pose in a circle holding hands) .. it was so fun and beautiful - each person giving to their neighbor what the neighbor needed to find balance &  at the same time asked for what they needed in return. When we were through both sides with variations , including closed eyes (!), there were high fives, giggles and warmth through out the whole room, new yoga friends were being made.    

It was a blast, it was a gift.  A gift that we were only able to experience because everyone who showed up committed to being there, on their mats, despite their initial discomfort. 

At the end of class as practitioners were leaving,  they shared that they felt Sacred Space was created, that it was a really special class to be a part of, that they needed the sense of community on what they felt was a wet, dark, lonely day. If that is not a full expression of Yoga  I don't know what is! 

So I want to extend a thank you to all of you who practiced with me today - not only did you help me get a Newsletter out this week ;)  , but much more importantly you inspired  & fed me & each other (I think...).  Its a true gift for a teacher to be a Witness to the degree that I was today, Thank you!

Many blessings for a fulfilling, grounded and warm-hearted Fall season, sophie