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Friends and Family Week! Share the YOGA LOVE, Bring a Friend

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September 9, 2019
The SundSay Sangha Circular
"Friends and Family Week!
Share the YOGA LOVE, Bring a Friend!"

Friends and Family Week at Blue Banyan

To all of our awesome Blue Banyan Family Members we want to thank you for being with us for (almost) 13 years and for making Blue Banyan the lovely, safe, supportive space that it!  We are excited to  to welcome your community into the studio!

From Monday September 9th (tomorrow) through Sunday September 15th please bring friends and family members with you to class as our guest.  

Make a night of it... yoga and dinner.  
Make a day of it followed by tea or a walk together.  

Its a lovely chance to connect with someone you care about and want to share time with; or maybe to give the gift of yoga to someone who you think would benefit, in some way, from the practice.  

Friends and Family Week is also a great opportunity for you to change your yoga routine in order to accommodate a friends schedule who needs to practice at a different of day than you usually do.

Please note, any guest you bring will need to be entered into the system and will need to sign a waiver, so please be a bit early for the paperwork (unless, of course, you want to do it ahead of time of time on the Fitdegree app). 

We hope you take us up on this offer so that we can meet your people , and your people can meet us!  

Share the Blue Banyan Love!