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The Invocations of the Train Are A Mixologist....
Chugga OM, Chugga OM Slurp...

There is SO much that make Blue Banyan wonderful and unique (first and foremost YOU and our amazing, dedicated group of teachers) but so much more as well.... Including the train....

The train which runs and stops directly across from the studio, has become one of my favorite aspects of the day to day life at Blue Banyan. .

I worried, when we first opened that the rumbling and whistling ... sometimes screeching and honking.... would be an unwelcome distraction to the 'sanctuary' I hoped to create; but in fact, I have grown to love it! It reminds me,  in a very visceral way, of our close knit community, of the history of Philadelphia (both struggles and triumphs), the beauty and  stories behind the stations & other architectural gifts that make Philly so unique(Frank Furness etc..), the provincial and local way that we live here in Mt Airy without loosing sight of the work that we need to be part of globally.

It also feel reminiscent of "The Little Engine that Could", as Blue Banyan has been "The Little Yoga Studio That Could" from time to time- tucked away, off the beaten track (no pun intended) 

These thoughts, reflections, insights have mixed over the years  into a sort of cocktail that I drink every time a train goes by. It's a cocktail that creates visions of helping spread good intensions, Prana, mindfulness of actions and words, Kindness, Self acceptance, hard work....whatever we are cultivating that day in the studio - off down the tracks and spreading  through out the city.

I have shared these insights with students and teachers alike and I have heard many different responses.  This has made me curious,  what your experience of the train is in relation to Blue Banyan? Have you every noticed it? Is it a distraction?  Have you met regular commuters who are heading to the train as you head to the studio? Do you feel is negative,  positive or simply neutral to your Practice at the studio? Do you have a 'Train Story'?

I'm going to present this question on FaceBook (bluebanyanyoga), or you can respond to this email directly, if you care to. 
I'll  do a follow up newsletter if I receive responses.
As always, thank you for reading and for pondering.

Chugga- OM. Chugga- OM
- sophie