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June 5, 2018
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A Bug, A Dog, A Girl and an Insight...? A True Story....

A couple weeks ago, late morning, after teaching several early morning classes, I sat at my breakfast table watching a flying bug.... I was trying to figure out if it was on the outside of the screen window or between the screen and the window itself; it was flying around in a tizzy suggesting it was trapped. 

After a bit, I determined it was, in fact, outside & not trapped at all.

It was muggy that day in our house; whereas outside leaves were dancing, clouds were flying across the sky, suggesting a breeze.. and I thought 'why the heck does this bug want to come in?! '.  

Then I noticed that the bug had gotten the attention of my 2 year old dog... and that my bug- phobic daughter was in the kitchen making a snack... and I thought "Oh Man, this bug REALLY should not want to come in'. 

If it did make it into the house I could envision a few different  scenerios...
1) It would get trapped for a good long time between the screen and the glass window- even though the window was mostly open
2) If/ when it escaped from the opening between the screen and the window it would be met with screams from my daughter and aggressive/ playful barks along with a good chase from my dog.. and all of this in the muggy, wind-less confines of our house...

As I had these thoughts the bug continued with what appeared to be desperation. Behind the bug, the trees bowed and swayed, the birds flew sweetly, the squirrels romped on tree trunks and all this bug could do is follow its obsession with our screen window - a obsession that, if satisfied, would surely lead to it's  suffering if not death!  

This whole scenario got me thinking about the things I
think I want, about what I obsess on, about what I feel is 'desperately' important...  

What and where are my screen windows? Hummm...

I  rattled the screen and the bug flew off....

Peace, sophie