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Spring!!! In Like A Lion!

Spring can be one of the hardest seasonal transitions we face in a year. We move from dry, light & cold qualities in nature to wet, heavy and warm.  

We move from an emotional state of hibernation and quiet to seeing people and being seen. 

We move from needing a diet of fat, grounding foods (root veggies & dried fruit) and foods with warming qualities (ginger, blk pepper & spices) to a diet that naturally detoxes us (dandelion greens & other dark leafy greens), fresh vegetables & fruits & 'lighter' spices (turmeric, paprika)

Lastly, one of the most difficult aspects of this transition is that we think Spring means daffodils. tulips and Sunshine... which it does but not right away....especially this year...

Like all trasitions the process is gradual. Particularly this year... 

Here are some helpful hits:

• Maintain a steady diet of warming foods and spices until the frost is well thawed.

• Begin with Dandelion tea & well-cooked hearty, leafy greens to help the liver and kidneys adjust and flush from winter. 

• Begin increasing  outside time - even though the weather is not yet optimal.  This allows us to gently transition into seeing more people and coming out of our wintry shell.  

• On the mat - increase back- bending and twisting. 

• Pranayama is always helpful with seasonal change, particularly nadi shodhana . If kabalabati is familiar it can be a very helpful practice through this transition. 

• Increase exercise in general - the body needs to build up to sweating again.

• Most importantly, have Grace for yourself and recognize that we are very much influenced by nature. 


If you are feeling a bit heavy, tired and lethargic that's natural, don't despair... the crocuses are already up and the daffies are on their way...  the sun will be here soon and the Spring in your step will return.


Happy , Healthy Spring!