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December 4, 2016
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The Sunday Sangha Circular

March 19, 2017
Confident Vulnerability
Widen Your Web Through Intentional Practice

Yoga encourages us (unlike some other spiritual, athletic, or meditative practices) to explore getting to our mat on our own.... and, unlike 10 years ago, there are many ways to be lead through a practice without ever coming into a studio... cable yoga channel's, YouTube videos, DVD's, etc. So, when we set the time aside to go to a Yoga Studio, to be lead through a class as part of a community, it holds us accountable to practicing. It offers the gift of being lead. But it also does something a bit sneaky... it widens our web.

This is what I mean...

A yoga class is a gathering of practitioners who come together with the same intention: essentially, to share their practice with others. This is a conscious choice to practice next to someone else, under the same roof, with the same teacher, and in the community that the studio embodies.

The practice of Yoga, among many other things, is designed to create vulnerability, to take us to a place where we drop our 'armor'. When we find a studio/ teacher/community that welcomes & allows us to slip confidently into a vulnerable state, we know we have found our Yoga Home where much work can be done.

When we share a home with others we naturally 'widen our web' both on the mat - but almost more importantly - off the mat. Sometimes we forget this because we may not connect directly or socially with others in the class or studio, but regardless, when we open ourselves up in the presence of others it connects us in a profound and very unique way.

In these socially divided days, we need to connect with others more than ever before. Come, slip into 'confident vulnerability' on your mat at Blue Banyan where the power of intention sweetly widens the collective web. Come to the mat and help heal the world.

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti,