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Spring is Finally Here!

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The Sunday Sangha Circular

March 22, 2017
Spring Is Officially Here!
The strength of the sun is coming back - bringing us light mornings and longer days; Snow Drops & Daffies get us excited for brilliant Tulips and Hyacinths to come.

The Sun & the happy bulbs inspire us through the sticky days of early spring... mud, puddles (bitter sweet annoyances) reminding us of gleeful, sopping romps from years past, icy patches that we navigate less carefully than previous months, and scattered cold days refusing to let us put away our heavy winter coats.

This time of year we are navigating internal mud puddles our bodies, mind and spirit as well. It's a time of "cleaning" and "lightening up". How do we help ourselves arrive internally and externally into harmony and community after the quiet, dark winter?

On the mat we adopt a detoxifying practice including deep twists, backbends, Breath of Fire and Kabalabati Pranayama to stoke our Agni or inner fire. Off the mat it's a time to keep moving, to eat local, fresh foods, to get outside and reconnect with our neighbors.

The thought is that the detoxifying practices "wring out" the stagnation of winter & "lighten" us up as we awaken from our hibernation.

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti,