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The Sunday Sangha Circular

February 13. 2017
A Picture's Worth 1000 Words

We all know the quote "A picture is worth a 1,000 words" but what are the 1,000 words that swirl for each of us when we see a picture? We are living in "picture saturated" world; where images replace words, sell products, create "friendships", etc...


Instagram, at the top of the Social Media food chain, is devoted to images. Facebook posts depend heavily on pictures to generate views. Magazine covers & Billboards throw images at us at every turn.


This phenomenon is as prevalent in the Yoga world as it is everywhere else.


Last summer, with Blue Banyan's marketing presence in mind, I began talking to people about their 1,000 word dialog; I paid more attention to my own; I listened to my kids reactions to images & tuned into how folks, in general, respond to the inundation of portraiture.


It seems that often these photographs & videos evoke thoughts of self doubt, insecurity, fear, unhappiness, desire, frustration, competition, etc. Of course we all know that is not the case for many things we see; however, when so much is coming at us it's inevitable that some images will make us feel good and some will make us feel bad.


All of this inspired a marketing experiment.


Last fall I decided to remove all images of yoga from Blue Banyan's printed promotional material. All of our printed marketing material is now utilizing text, rather than image. We have highlighted idioms that represent the Blue Banyan teaching philosophy rather than the look of the studio, teachers or students.


These phrases have quietly sat at the bottom of the image heavy pages on our website for years, do you recognize any? "Teaching is more than Instruction" "We engage the physical to experience the energetic, so that we might encounter the Divine" "Practice on the mat, Live Yoga off the mat" A very interesting thing in all of this is that our Logo quietly disappeared as well. This has been an interesting experiment, for sure; fruitful, we'll see....


Full Disclosure:

  • The above only refers to printed material (schedule cards & shirts)

  • Our logo is very much present on our new Car Magnets

  • Blue Banyan Yoga has a Facebook & Instagram presence & posts lots of pictures!!

  • I, personally, have a car completely "Tatted up" with all kinds of images & logos that I proudly drive it around ;)

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti,