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January 21, 2019
The SundSay Sangha Circular
Furlough Community Fund
Please come in and care for yourselves

Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning "to yoke" or "to unite".  This is demonstrated in the name 'Hatha' the Grandmother of all Yoga Forms;  Ha- Sun Tha- Moon.  The thought being that balance is found by bringing together seemingly opposing energies.  The Sun manifests through heat and activity, the Moon through cold and reflection. 

At the moment, in this country and through out the world, we are witnessing growing divides (rather than unification) of opposing forces.  This is creating imbalance, disenfranchisement, dis-ease and suffering, 

The great ripple effects of this ever growing divide is being felt right here in Mt Airy.  Many of those  on the front lines of the government shut down live in our community and practice at Blue Banyan.

It has been brought to my attention just how many BB practitioners work for the EPA, FDA, Department of Defense, District Attorneys  Office and so on....  I recognize that those practitioners need yoga now more than ever.  The stress of not receiving a paycheck, of leaving unattended work and being unable to access accumulating work is substantial & requires acts of self care to bring balance and restoration to mind, body and Spirit....not to mention many of us are inspired by New Years to recommit to Whole Health and Wellness (which takes disposable income).

It is to this end that a generous practitioner at Blue Banyan has established a Furlough Community Fund  (FCF).   

If you or someone you know is Furloughed at the moment please come to the studio and practice; simply sign in with your name and write  'FCF" next to it.  We will sign you in and a class will be deducted from the FCF account. 
As you all know, we have classes for every level from beginners to seasoned practitioners; there is surely a weekly class for both you and a colleague.  This account is being established in hopes that we can  find small ways to take care for  each other during these disjoined and divided times. 

If you are a practitioner at Blue Banyan and you would like to contribute to this fund you can
1) Leave a check at the studio with "FCF' on the note line
2) Purchase a class card under the client name "Furlough Fund" with any teacher at the studio
3) Contact me directly.

If there are remaining funds once the government reopens we will either maintain a "rainy day fund" or we will contribute it to an already existing small scholarship fund for teacher trainees in our Yoga School.

Sending out prayers  of Unification and Balance both to our sweet, small community and to the greatness beyond
- sophie