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December 28, 2017
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2018 is Around the Corner - What Are You Intending...Set yourself up for success on and off the mat in the New Year.

The image above is from our Thanksgiving Day class, which was a true celebration of gratitude! 40 of us (well, 41 including me...) practiced with unified breath, movement and the intention of manifesting gratitude.  

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words,  this practice was worth a million... rest easy, I am not going to write a million words. But , I have been wondering if the awareness of Gratitude, which is so prevalent on Thanksgiving, is still on the surface of our consciousness a mere 16 days later...

We talked in class that day about the step after Gratitude awareness.. the step of Action. Once we recognize all that we are grateful for, then what? How do we manifest our gratitude?

Perhaps these last 16 days have been about trying to figure that out, perhaps it was  figured out immediately or perhaps the deep gratitude we felt on 11/23 (which felt so darn good just a few days ago!!) has gone into hibernation until next Thanksgiving.  

The answer or simply the reflection of where your conscious gratitude  lies today can be a window into how to approach a New Year's Resolution....

Yes, New Years. this is where I'm headed... many of us are already gearing up for a "fresh start" , a major turning of that calendar page (figuratively and literally). Some of us go "Lite" some of us go "Hard" in terms of NY Resolutions, Intentions and Self-Challenges.
Some of us don't partake in NY's Resolutions at all.. but we are all beginning a new year and that always invokes some kind of response in & around  us.

I ask you , in preparation and with the intention of "success" (however those words are defined for you),  to go back 16 days ago to T Giving Day. Remember how you felt. Remember what you intended that day. Have you be able to follow through? Why? How? Why not?  

As you reflect please be kind to yourself, accept the answer, dive deep and see how you might use the answers to approach other intentions in life- whether it's around the New Year or in some other area of your life - on or off the mat.

If you DO choose to bring in the New Year on the mat maybe consider joining us for  our NYE Mala.... just sayin'... 108 Sun Salutations never felt so
good ;) ...

With endless Gratitude to you for being a part of the Blue Banyan community.
Wishing you All a  BRIGHT, BRILLIANT Season of Light
Shanti, sophie