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Infuse the Sprit of authentic giving into the
upcoming Season of Light

Thanksgiving Day Class was a BLAST!!

Thank you to all those who showed up and contributed to a beautiful and Spirit-filled practice... and for those who didn't, there is always next year!  

Thanksgiving Day Practice 2018, pictured above; we're practicing a 'circle of trees' which held us with eyes open and closed and eventually morphed into a circle of Warrior 3!

During practice we also partnered up and helped each other go 'deeper' in DownDog with the use of straps ...and giggles.

All the work we did was in honor of and in the Spirit of Thanksgiving which is governed by Jupiter, the planet that gives life to Karma Yoga, The Spiritual Path of Giving, Action & Selfless Service.... whoa, did you get all that?! If not, no worries...

The gist is/ was/ will continue to be,  that Thanksgiving is , at it's best, a day that evokes gratitude and giving. There is an unspoken understanding that by recognizing what we are grateful for we are better able to understand & value our ability to Give 

And... at 'it's' best, Giving is selfless, unconditional and performed without attachment to a specific end. 

It is with the intension of practicing Karma Yoga (whereby we honored the highest potential of Thanksgiving Day) that we experienced  community, expansion, giving & receiving  as we circled up, held hands, closed  our eyes, lifted our legs, gave our weight, took the weight of others, trusted and offered trust in return. We shook hands, traded names,  gave hugs, didn't give hugs...all without an agenda other than being with each other on  Thanksgiving Day.

Some practitioners were way out of their comfort zones, but participated anyway, some were in their comfort zones during the entire 90 minute practice. In the end we all found joy, laughs, work & connection in equal measure.

Regardless of how we entered our large group practice last Thursday we all left  understanding that there is room for everyone;  that the intension of bringing others 'into' our individual folds ultimately allows each of us to feel expansive &  free. 

My offering is that you take inspiration from the Heart  & Spirit of Thanksgiving & the Path of Karma Yoga into the upcoming Season of Light. 

May Light, Action, Non-Attachment, Community, Expansion & Service guide you & be of service to you and your loved ones this Holiday Season. 

Om Shanti, sophie