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A peek into Yoga School...

II'd like to introduce you, our community, to Blue Banyan's Yoga School, Class of 2019!!  Welcome Alyse, Alisha, Akilah, Christa, Bethany, Lara, Toni, Su, Teresa, Heather & Eric! Look for pictures of our spectacular group in upcoming Sanghas. 

The above picture is 'Cubby Life' during Yoga School. This is where we stash our stuff during our hours together at the Blue Banyan Walnut Lane Studio. 
Doesn't it remind you of the sweet days of kindergarten and the young, fun years of elementary  school? Well, Yoga School has a similar feel... 

Like kindergarten, we make new friends, study -in this case -ancient material, gain knowledge, find a new sense of Self, get exposed to a new way of viewing things...and there's recess and snacks!!  

The 17 of us (including teachers, students and mentors) have shared 2 very full weekends together so far. I won't bore you will a blow-by-blow,  it's the kind of thing that is fascinating in practice and very dry on paper; it's enough to say we have already covered a lot of ground!

I will share with you our Teacher Training  openning night ritual.  Every year, on the first night of Yoga School, the ritual is the same  (but its a wildly different experience every year). 

This year we all gathered  for the first time on  Friday September 14th.  We shared a practice co-led by Jake and I, then we shared a meal. Most years I make a veggie chili  as our 'entree' and offer a few other nibbles with a chunk of good, dark chocolate for dessert.. this year I changed it up.  I made Bliss In A Dish - its a spectacular one-dish, gluten-free, nut-free vegan affair with potatoes, artichoke hearts, olives, raisins, garbanzos, garlic and herbs. As the name suggests it is absolutely  blissful. I strongly suggest you check it out... and the recipe makes A LOT, so you will most certainly have leftovers, best as a fabulous breakfast with a poached or fried egg over the top...YUMMY!!!

So that is our teacher training initiation. It's always lovely. This year was no exception. This intensional space gives us a chance to chat and meet each other to hear each other's  expectations and fears of the program, our connection(s) to Blue Banyan and to Yoga in general. i
If  you meet one of our TT's in class please give them a warm  welcome or even a simple smile, they are working amazingly hard and the support of the community goes a long way!

Before I sign off I would be remiss if I didn't thank our whole teaching team - Angella, Jake, Jenny, Carly and Dan. Their teaching and mentorship is truly inspirational; full of Wisdom & Integrity. 

In Peace, Om Shanti, sophie