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October 24, 2017
The Sunday Sangha Circular
Step back and feel the magic
You are keeping our Banyan Tree alive

Earlier this week I had the pleasure to cook dinner for and host our lovelies, Angella & Jenna. Cooking for those I love is one of my greatest pleasures; so this was a treat!

During dinner Angella shared that when she initially began practicing at the studio she didn't realize that there was actually a Banyan Tree painted on our large wall. When, as a practitioner, she heard the instruction 'face the Banyan Tree Wall' she just thought it was 'Blue Banyan lingo'.  I found this fascinating and it inspired this weeks Sangha (obviously). Above you can see one of the pictures Angella took of our mural. 

So, yes, there is a Banyan Tree painted on and  living in our studio. It may be difficult to see if you are too close to it...but if you take a few steps back and don't try too hard, it will come to you in all of its glory (kinda like Yoga!)

11 years ago this month, just before opening our doors, I asked my brother, Adam Daily, (whose artistic talent surpasses my eloquence, so my words won't do him justice) to come down from upstate NY to paint a Banyan Tree on our 30 foot wall.

He & his then girlfriend , now wife (lucky me!.. & him) , generously agreed. They rolled into town early afternoon on a Saturday.. I was anxious, I mean it was already afternoon(!).. but after a  couple hours the pencil lines were drawn....
I went out for libation and provisions about 6pm,  I returned to be blown away by glowing , pale yellow magic.. a pulsing, living  image of community, protection, healing, vitality, blessings, shelter, replenishment, sanctuary & safe-haven... all the aspects of the Banyan Tree that inspired our name... found itself at home on a previously nondescript, static wall.

The mural was completed in one afternoon.  As a bystander it was as if the tree painted itself (I am sure Adam and Francesca would disagree!).
The paint dried overnight and we went in for finishing touches the next day. Stepping back and looking at the Tree - it had a deep quality of belonging - as if it had never not been there; the feeling we all had was that this mural, this image , and all that it represented belonged on that wall - as if the studio was created for this manifestation to exist. It was mindblowing.

Blue Banyan's 11th birthday is on the horizons, and of course reflection is in the air.  But there is no place for looking back when the gifts of the present are so clear.
Thank you to all of our dear, wise, devoted, insightful teachers who understand & constantly recommit to the the heavy Karmic lifting of teaching Yoga.  Thank you to JennaAngella for coming to dinner :). Thank you Angella for your profound internal listenings (and sweet photos) that have brought me back to before day one,  11 years ago. Thank you Adam & Francesca for the incredible, intuitive creation of our Tree.

Thank you to ALL of YOU who have shown up day after day in dedication to your practice, with trust in what Blue Banyan can offer.  Keep Breathing, keep Being, keep Opening and Allowing, and please , please keep cultivating Prana in our space .. your Prana, your Intention  feeds our sweet Tree; our Tree that promotes Community and Truth & so much more.   

Peace, Gratitude, Love & Light