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today's class schedule

7:45 - 8:45, Rise & Shine, Sofi
9:15 - 10:30, Gentle Flow, Sophie
5:45 - 6:45, YINyasa $10, Cicelee
7:00 - 8:15, Vigor-ish Vinyasa, Jake

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Sunday Sangha Circular

July 10, 2017
Enhancing life exponentially with every yogic action 
Know that when you live in Yoga you serve yourself and your loved ones to the highest degree.

Chant Camp wrapped up a few weeks ago - a wonderful annual 'stay-cation retreat' offered by Jake Miller at Blue Banyan. At the onset of this magnificent week I had just finished reading a most wonderful book by Atul Gawande titled "Being Mortal". This book looks at the intersection of medicine, medical intervention and technology & our inevitable aging process. This year in Chant Camp Jake focused on the Sutras, particularly Sutra 1.1, 1.2 & 1.3 .

events & workshops

BIG \'V\' little \'\'v\'\'
Join Sophie on Tues Aug 22nd for a deep dive into Vinyasa Yoga. Get the scoop on the hows and whys of both BIG 'V' and little 'v' vinyasa. We will look at physical alignment of the shapes that comprise 'the vinyasa' (little v) as well as how to tap the full energetic potential that lies within the flow. We will discuss the linage of Vinyasa Yoga (big V) and how it came to be that a Vinyasa class is defined by connecting Asana through a vinyasa "flow". Vinyasa translates (loosely) to 'mindful placement' - This workshop will transform how, where and why you 'place' your mind and body during a Vinyasa Practice.
FREE classes Saturday Sept 2nd
In Celebration of Sophie's birthday and with gratitude to our wonderful BLue Banyan Community, all classes are FREE on Sat Sept 2nd. Join us and maybe bring a friend!
Labor Day Mala
Join us for a special 2hour Mala practice...A Mala means 108. 108 is considered a sacred and auspicious number in many traditions - used in prayer, in mantra, and in practicing Namaskars! That's right - 108 Sun Salutations!!!
Chances are you're thinking yeah, right... but you'd be surprised how practicing this embodied prayer 108 times can be both challenging and completely inspiring at the same time. $20


Summer yoga Pass
$350 Unlimited yoga from Memorial Day through Labor day, 98 days in total! $3.60 per day. #noexcuses!
June Raffle Item
Beautiful Summer Planter for your home or office. A chance to win every time you come to the studio.. Just fill out a raffle ticket with every visit.


Yoga Lovers in Philadelphia Come Together to Find
Inner Peace at Blue Banyan Yoga

By Paul Rowe, Pennsylvania Homes

Ten years ago there weren't any consistent yoga centers in the Mt. Airy area. Although there were a handful of wonderful teachers living in the area, they all traveled away from home to teach. Recognizing this, founder and director Sophie Simpson rose to the occasion for her community and started Blue Banyan Yoga studio.