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7:45 - 8:45, Rise & Shine, Sophie
9:15 - 10:30, Banyan Flow, Carly
5:45 - 6:45, Vinyasa Flow $10, Tom
7:00 - 8:15, Sweet Fire, Angella

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Sunday Sangha Circular

May 30, 2017
Karma Yoga, One of 8 Paths...
Are you a Karma Yogi (ni)

There are eight Universal Yogic Paths and each of us are born into one of the 8. Some may sound familiar: Kundalini, Hatha, Bhakti, Tantric & Karmic. Some may not: Jana, Raga & Surya. 

The Karmic Path gets a lot of attention and for those who are true Karma Yogis it's quite a powerful path. This is the path of selfless service and detachment.  

Here's  a little story I came up with to help understand this Spiritual Path.
Imagine there is a beautiful sturdy old Oak tree living peacefully by the banks of a river.  One day a school of fish is quietly swimming about in the river, catching mosquitoes and basking in the sunlit water.  High above an Osprey flies looking for breakfast for her newly hatched chicks and excitedly spots the school. 

A heavy wind comes up and blows an acorn off of the sturdy old Oak. The acorn splashes down into the water and scatters the fish.  High above the Osprey changes course from her dive realizing that she's just missed her morning catch, due to the acorns disturbance. 

events & workshops

Chant Camp
July 24th- July 28th 2017 For five days this summer, rise with the Sun and immerse yourself in the light of breath & sound. A kind of ?stay-cation? retreat, Chant Camp will be an experiential exploration of different kinds of mantra practices including kirtan (devotional chanting), vedic chanting (recitation of sacred texts), and traditional sunrise fire ceremony. Each morning will include a chanting practice, pranayama, light asana, and contemplations on Yogic philosophies and practices. No prior experience necessary ? just an open heart & willing spirit.


Summer yoga Pass
$350 Unlimited yoga from Memorial Day through Labor day, 98 days in total! $3.60 per day. #noexcuses!
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Beautiful Summer Planter for your home or office. A chance to win every time you come to the studio.. Just fill out a raffle ticket with every visit.


Yoga Lovers in Philadelphia Come Together to Find
Inner Peace at Blue Banyan Yoga

By Paul Rowe, Pennsylvania Homes

Ten years ago there weren't any consistent yoga centers in the Mt. Airy area. Although there were a handful of wonderful teachers living in the area, they all traveled away from home to teach. Recognizing this, founder and director Sophie Simpson rose to the occasion for her community and started Blue Banyan Yoga studio.