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Sunday Sangha Circular

November 9, 2019
13 Days of Treats In Honor Of 13 Years of Yoga!

Join us as often as possible and receive a different treat each time you come in from Wednesday November 6th - Monday November 18th!

Here's what we've got for you:

Wed Nov 6: Bring a friend for FREE. We are excited to meet your people! 
Thurs Nov 7: Individual packages of  Relaxing bath salts . Ingredients available. 
Fri Nov 8: Flowers... Take a flower with you into your weekend

events & workshops

Dharma 2020 Find your purpose in the new year for the new decade.
Are you looking to live a life of purpose? To spend your time doing fulfilling work that contributes positively to society? Join me on Friday, January 24, 2020, the eve of the Lunar New Year, to find your Dharma. In Ancient Vedic philosophy, our dharma is said to be our purpose. The best way we can serve society and ultimately ourselves. Think of it as our external spirituality, our sense of the moral and ethical in the world. It is said that if we address our dharma, we will live a fulfilling life. Just as each of us has our own unique fingerprint, so do we have our own unique dharma, a gift to bring to the world. This two-hour workshop will combine the practices of mantra, meditation and ancient ayurvedic astrology to help you understand your truth and purpose. Together, with the power and energy of the group, we will create the space to open your mind and your heart. With the support of LifePrintTM ancient Ayurvedic Astrology, the yoga of the planets, we will explore your birth chart in the field of dharma. Using this awareness, we will set our intentions for the year ahead. Time and location: 6:30p.m. Friday, January 24, 2020 at Blue Banyan Yoga 7153 Sprague Street, Philadelphia, PA 19119. MUST PREREGISTER BY 1/21 AND provide Date, Time and Location of Birth. You must provide this information in advance to participate. *Workshop Bonus: Get two pre-workshop exercises to help you build the life of your dreams.


4:30 Banyan Flow Cancelled Today
Due to poor weather, Banyan Flow with Heather is Canceled Today


Yoga Lovers in Philadelphia Come Together to Find
Inner Peace at Blue Banyan Yoga

By Paul Rowe, Pennsylvania Homes

Ten years ago there weren't any consistent yoga centers in the Mt. Airy area. Although there were a handful of wonderful teachers living in the area, they all traveled away from home to teach. Recognizing this, founder and director Sophie Simpson rose to the occasion for her community and started Blue Banyan Yoga studio.