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today's class schedule

8:00 - 9:00, Weekend Warrior, Carly
9:15 - 10:30, Banyan Flow, Sophie
4:30 - 5:45, Community Class $10, Angella
6:30 - 7:45, Beginner's Series (beg 1/22), Jenna

from our blog:

Sunday Sangha Circular

October 24,, 2017
Step back and feel the magic
You are keeping our Banyan Tree alive

Earlier this week I had the pleasure to cook dinner for and host our lovelies, Angella & Jenna. Cooking for those I love is one of my greatest pleasures; so this was a treat!

During dinner Angella shared that when she initially began practicing at the studio she didn't realize that there was actually a Banyan Tree painted on our large wall. When, as a practitioner, she heard the instruction 'face the Banyan Tree Wall' she just thought it was 'Blue Banyan lingo'.  I found this fascinating and it inspired this weeks Sangha (obviously). Above you can see one of the pictures Angella took of our mural. 

events & workshops

Restore with Carly
In the midst of the holiday season upon us, take time to restore. This 2 hour class will emphasize the importance of support and surrender. Come improve your sense of grounding, calm, and relaxation. Carly invites you to join her on Tuesday December 19th, from 6-8pm, for a Restorative Yoga Workshop designed for such self-care. By way of yogic philosophy and practices (including asana, and breathwork), Carly will support your exploration of supported rest. Accompanied by several props (blocks, bolsters, and blankets), and some soothing music and poetry, Carly will lead you through a rejuvenating sequence, that includes a longer-than-usual Savasana, conceived with the purpose of rest and release. Come exactly as you are. Come to ?be? rather than ?do.? Namaste.
Christmas Day
Come celebrate the first day of Hanukkah and Christmas on the mat. Come bask in this season of Light, regardless of your specific faith Sofi is a longtime yoga practitioner and teacher. Join her on the mat for a lively but mindful practice in the Vinyasa tradition. A celebration of light and movement!
New Years Eve Mala
Join us for a special 2.5 hour-ish Mala practice...A Mala means 108. 108 is considered a sacred and auspicious number in many traditions - used in prayer, in mantra, and in practicing Namaskars! That's right - 108 Sun Salutations!!!
Chances are you're thinking yeah, right... but you'd be surprised how practicing this embodied prayer 108 times can be both challenging and completely inspiring at the same time. $20


Prenatal Yoga on Walnut Lane
Prenatal Yoga coming to Germantown! Saturdays 9:00-10:30 AM These classes are meant as nourishing mini retreats for pregnant women to tune in more deeply to the incredible experience of becoming a parent. They are designed to use postures, breathwork and meditation to support the physical and emotional body and to empower women throughout pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. No yoga experience is necessary and all stages of pregnancy are welcome. Pre-registration is required but payment can be made at any time. Session runs 11/18/17-4/28/18. All classes are held at 143 W. Walnut Lane, 19144. For more information or to register contact Meredith Jacoby at or all 267-357-3021
Spa Day on Walnut Lane
Take some time for self care this holiday season. Sophie, Jacqui & Kristen are combining their expertise to offer 90 minutes of deep personal care. Join Sophie for 30 minutes of yoga, Jaqui for a 30 minute therapeutic massage and Kristen for a 30 minute relaxing and rejuvenating facial. There will also be nourishing and luxurious nibbles and sips provided. Saturday Dec 2nd $180 Appointment times begin at 7:30am. 143 West Walnut Lane Contact sophie for more details


Yoga Lovers in Philadelphia Come Together to Find
Inner Peace at Blue Banyan Yoga

By Paul Rowe, Pennsylvania Homes

Ten years ago there weren't any consistent yoga centers in the Mt. Airy area. Although there were a handful of wonderful teachers living in the area, they all traveled away from home to teach. Recognizing this, founder and director Sophie Simpson rose to the occasion for her community and started Blue Banyan Yoga studio.