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Introduction to Yin Yoga
The feminine or yin part of you longs to FEEL? to dive deep and experience the interconnectedness of everything. In the physical body, the connective tissues (ligaments, fascia, tendons) represent this unifying force, spread throughout the whole body binding all parts together; yet rarely is this delicate web appropriately exercised. Yin yoga works with this vital system through a series of sustained seated and supine postures designed to deeply stretch this tissue, especially in the spine, hips and shoulders, releasing deep layers of tension and tightness. So, if you: experience discomfort in any of those areas, want to work on your powers of being,vulnerability and receptivity, would like to reach deeper levels of relaxation, are looking for a compliment to your vinyasa practice or an aid for your meditation practice, or just want to get to know another part of yourself, please join Meghan.
Easter Morning Class
Join Molly for a special 90min class on Easter morning - THIS Sunday, April 20th
Easter Afternoon Class
Join Lana for her regularly scheduled class THIS Sunday - April 20th
Kids Yoga
Join Meghan for a fun, play-centric exploration of body and breath. Pre-Registration Required. Series runs for 6 Thursdays, April 24th-May 29th
Toddler Yoga : Spring Session
Yoga classes designed especially with the developmental needs of your young person in mind?Children are invited to explore their mind and body in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment ? giving them the opportunity to improve focus and concentration, build strength and flexibility, and stimulate their imagination. Six consecutive Fridays. April 25-May 30 Pre-Registration required.
Restorative Yoga
This is an afternoon of replenishing the wellspring of energy that is often blocked by stress and imbalance. This nurturing workshop will use long-held restorative poses, breath-work, and mindful meditation as antidote to tension and stress. This class will honor & teach the art of being rather than doing & will guide you peacefully down the path toward relaxation.
Touch of Thai : Take 2
Jake will present a fun and informative introduction to Thai Yoga Massage. This ancient form of bodywork includes mindful touch and assisted stretching. Done on the floor, fully clothed and with no oils, it is often called 'passive yoga' and can offer profound healing for both those giving and receiving. This workshop will be a basic introduction to the practice and participants should expect to learn a simple, but complete full-body sequence by the end our time together. Note: the sequence and techniques covered will be different from the initial Touch of Thai Workshop including extended hands-on practice time!
Easter Sunday Revised Schedule
On Sunday, April 20th our schedule will be as follows: 8:30-10am w/ Molly and 4:30-5:45 w/ Lana
a school & studio
Blue Banyan is a studio and school steeped in the teachings and practice of Vinyasa Yoga.